Three Tips For Building Your Immune System

Its a strange and scary time in the world right now. Let’s be proactive instead of reactive to our current situation. Building our immune systems to ward off sickness is the best way we can do so! I’m bringing you my tried and true tips that I personally use when I feel any sort of sickness coming on.

1.) Eat Your Greens

Eat your greens! No for real eat them for breakfast, for lunch and for dinner. Whether it’s a green smoothie in the morning, a huge salad like the one above in the afternoon and a Buddha bowl for dinner get those greens in. When you start to feel run down your body is asking for vitamins and nutrients. Its Feenin For Greens so to speak ;) Drown your body in green stuff and I can promise you you’ll start to feel better!

2.) Drink Drink Drink

HYDRATE! Sorry ladies I‘m not taking about wine. I find it astounding that many Americans don’t drink water. I have always been a water drinker and I can tell you I feel it revitalize every cell in my body. I feel the difference in myself when I haven’t been drinking enough water and I make sure to guzzle it up!

Ditch the soda and sugary drinks which can actual lower your immune system and make the switch to water. I also highly recommend drinking green tea either straight up or in matcha form. Things like green juices and smoothies are also a great way to hydrate. It‘s a simple tip but highly overlooked by many, focus on drinking your water and staying hydrated!

3.) Take Probiotics

Probiotics are a really simple way to boost your immune system. I can tell you from personal experience as someone who has struggled with a weak immune system this tip is essential. I recommend taking an actual probiotic vitamin each and everyday. This is definitely an investment in your health as vitamins can be pricy. I have actually added the cost into my grocery funds to make sure I view them as an essential. Let’s be real the average person is spending $30 a month on Starbucks, if thats you I know one area you can cut to add in this essential. Health is wealth!


These are just a few tips I have implemented into my own life that I feel make a difference. I used to get sick very often as I’ve always had a weak immune system. When I don’t follow these tips I find I do get sick easier. However, I can usually ward off sickness if I quickly take action and implement these three simple tips immediately!

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